In Oaxaca the Zapotec cultural roots run deep. They are felt when walking around Monte Alban or Yagul, seen in the traditional pottery and textiles, and tasted in Oaxacan cuisine.

In the hills of Ejutla a dialect of the ancient Zapotec language is still spoken and many of the agricultural practices of their ancestors are still observed. There is an unspoken and understood relationship with the flora and fauna of the region that has existed for generations. Communities work together to care for the land and ensure that it is bountiful not only for them, but for the plants, animals, and the future. 

These communities are home to our Co-op. It is where seeds are planted, seedlings are cared for, and agaves are watched over and harvested only when ready. The people of Ejutla carry a certain knowledge and understanding that contributes to the production of their spectacular mezcal. The people, process, and history make each sip one of bliss, or in the Zapotec language, Banhez. 

Whether it’s in the campo after a days work or at a celebration, Banhez Mezcal is best when enjoyed with friends. Our mezcal was made with the spirit of community, and is meant to be shared with yours.